Off-Campus Immersion

Overall Augsburg Experience Criteria (approved by the Augsburg Faculty April 10, 2002)

  1. The Augsburg Experience integrates experiential learning with academic learning.  It demonstrates enhanced learning and reflects research and best practices of experiential education.
  2. An Augsburg Experience links on-campus learning to the constituency goals, mission, needs or ideas of off-campus people, organizations and/or communities, through community partners and/or professional activities and/or travel.

I.  General Comments

  • This category covers off-campus learning experiences that meet the criteria of the AE but do not clearly fit one of the four designated categories.
  • The Augsburg Faculty believes that off-campus experience is intrinsically valuable and will help educate students to more fully participate understand and appreciate the value and applicability of their Augsburg education in our increasingly diverse, global society.   In addition to demonstrating the applicability and value of their education, an off-campus experience prepares students for employment and service with a sense of vocation in the 21st century’s global economy.

II.   AE Guidelines for Special and Individualized Off-Campus Immersion Experiences:

  • Augsburg Experience learning opportunities are available to all Augsburg students through short term i.e, minimum of one week, experiences with both credit and non-credit options.  Typically, the minimum requirement for an off-campus experience to satisfy the AE requirement will be 7 days of learning activities in an off-campus setting.  Faculty and staff developing an AE experience will work in consultation with the Augsburg Experienceleadership team to develop a quality transformative learning experience that is planned according to best professional practice regarding experiential education.
  • Under special circumstances student designed off-campus experiences with a typical minimum of 7 days will also be considered by the AE leadership team.

III. Assessment and Application

  • All students will be expected to create a learning plan for approval in advance of the experience and submit a portfolio following the experience to the designated supervisor of the experience.  Minimally, the portfolio will include a journal that critically reflects upon the experience and links this experience to the student’s major course of study, minor(s) and/or General Education.
  • Proposals for special and individualized Augsburg Experiences must be submitted for approval at least sixty [60] days prior to the beginning of the experience and portfolios are due within 30 days of completing the experience.
  • Special or individualized Augsburg Experiences will connect the theories, ways of knowing and information provided by the community to the theories and ideas of the student’s major, minor, or other areas of pursuit, e.g., General Education.