Calendars for Faculty and Staff

You must be logged in to Inside Augsburg to see the embedded calendars below. Click on the + Google calendar button on the lower right to add any of the following calendars to your Google account (you will be able to choose which ones to add). Once you have added a shared calendar to your Google account, you may select and deselect any calendar on the left side under “Other Calendars.” To add an event to your personal calendar, click on the event and click “copy to my calendar” in the pop-up.

The Academic Affairs Calendar contains various dates relevant to Augsburg faculty. It includes:

  • Academic term start/end dates for all programs
  • Committee meeting dates/times/locations
  • Required reporting for faculty
  • Grade submission deadlines
  • Regularly scheduled convocations
  • Holidays

The embedded calendars below display several different calendars, noted by different colors. Each bulleted list names the calendars that appear in the embedded object.  You may also click on the small arrow in the upper right of each embedded calendar to select which calendars to display.

Registrar and Central Support Services

  • Registrar’s Office Calendar (aka “Calendar – Academic”) contains academic term start/end dates, registration deadlines (not found on the Academic Affairs calendar), and grade submission deadlines
  • Course Scheduling 2016-17 Timeline
  • Required Reporting Dates
  • Book Order Deadlines
  • Procurement Card Cycle


Faculty Review Timelines

These dates are pulled directly from Section 6.2.3 Timelines for Review from the Faculty Handbook.

For tenure-track faculty:

  • First Year Review for Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Third Year Review for Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Review for Tenure and Promotion
  • Review for Promotion to Professor
  • Post-Tenure Review

For non-tenure-track faculty:

  • NTTF Position Renewal Review
  • NTTF Third Year Review
  • NTTF Sixth Year Review
  • NTTF Further Review (held every three years after the sixth)