Augsburg College selects students for the AASK program based on their application for admission to Augsburg.  The AASK Program was developed in 2008 in collaboration with St Catherine University (St. Kates) to assist students with the transition from high school to college. The program has provided many under-prepared  students with a way into college and the opportunity to build a solid foundation towards earning their degree.

The program targets a broad range  of students who for one reason or another, did not meet Augsburg’s admission criteria.  We look for approximately 25 students out of the hundreds that are denied admission to Augsburg to start their studies in this unique program. Students recruited for this program must be prepared to work very hard in order to meet the high expectations of the faculty and staff of both schools.  Recommendations based on both Cumulative GPA (3.0)and student behavior competencies are required to gain entrance to Augsburg.

For those that do fully engage, the program provides specific courses and supportive programming to aid in the transition. Students in this program take classes on the Minneapolis campus of St Catherine University located just across Riverside from Augsburg.   In addition, students will take 1-2 courses at Augsburg each term while being enrolled as a student at St. Catherine University. Students are encouraged to spend time on campus meeting other Augsburg students through campus events and student organizations.  In order to transfer to Augsburg, the following must be completed during a student’s first year on the Minneapolis Campus of St. Kates:

  • All of the required courses of the prescribed curriculum (these courses are designed to fulfill specific requirements at Augsburg);
  • Attend all of the weekly seminars related to academic success;
  • Fulfill all of the Critical Competencies as defined in the program;
  • Complete Foundations of Fitness at Augsburg;
  • Attend all of the transition seminars at Augsburg;
  • Earn at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA at St. Kate’s; and
  • Attend the Summer Transition Program at Augsburg which includes taking a course in Summer Session I.

The AASK program allows students to complete similar course work to what first year students complete at Augsburg. While living on the Minneapolis campus of St. Kates (Riverside and 25th, behind Davanni’s), students have access to both campuses for support, resources, and activities. Upon successful completion, students are guaranteed sophomore status (minimum of 7 course credits) and will have fulfilled many of the first-year Augsburg requirements.

For more information:

Augsburg College contact, Benjy Kent, Director of Academic Achievement, 612-330-1366, kentb@augsburg.edu

St Catherine’s University, Elizabeth Fontaine, AA Program Director, 651-690-7741, ekfontaine@stkate.edu