Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

The Academic Skills Office (ASO) provides FREE Supplemental Instruction and tutoring support for most Augsburg courses.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a discussion based learning opportunity available for many academically demanding courses. The SI leader is a former student who previously excelled in the course. He/she works closely with the course professor to prepare SI materials and review sessions designed to support student learning. Your SI will review challenging material and offer insights on how to structure your study for the course. Please refer to the Supplemental Instruction List for sessions offered.


Drop-in tutoring and individual tutoring support are available for most Augsburg courses. The Academic Skills Office coordinates most of the tutoring support with the exception of the Writing, Math and the Speaking Lab. Please review the options below before filling out a request.

  • Writing – Students who need assistance with a writing course or the writing process should visit the Writing Lab. Hours, location and services can be found on the Writing Lab web page.
  • The Math Department provides tutoring for 100 Level Mathematics (MAT) courses only. If you have a problem with the math in a Business or Chemistry course, for instance, meet with that instructor or contact Academic Skills. If you are having problems with 200–300 level Mathematics courses, talk with your instructor.  NOTE: during drop-in tutoring, the tutors will walk around the room helping students individually or in small groups. Tutors are there to help with questions but are not there to do the problems for you. Your assignments are given to assess your working knowledge of the material in the course. Please use the following links to get info on 100 level MAT course tutoring:
  • Speaking Lab – Students who need assistance with making presentations in their Augsburg courses can get tutoring/support through the Speaking Lab. Please contact the Communication Studies Department or Deborah Redmond at 612-330-1721 or redmond@augsburg.edu.
  • Sciences – Drop-in tutoring is available for BIO 151/152, CHM 115/116 and CHM 351/352. Please refer to the drop-in schedule for a list of available days, times, and locations. To receive tutoring for any other science course, fill out the Tutor Request Form or send an email to tutor@augsburg.edu.
  • All other requests – Please complete our Tutor Request Form or send an email to tutor@augsburg.edu or you may also call 612-330-1445 for more information.
  • Tutoring FAQs

Information for Tutors and SI Leaders

Students interested in being a tutor should refer to the Tutoring FAQs.