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Sample 4-year Degree Plans

Most majors can be completed, along with the Core Curriculum, in four academic years, not including summers. To do so, however, requires focus, planning, and consultations with faculty and staff advisors. To help in your planning, sample 4-year degree plans for all Day program undergraduate majors are linked from this page.

Each plan includes:

  1. One major, with courses sequenced based on department recommendations, pre-requisites, and terms offered.
  2. Liberal Arts Foundation (LAF) courses, including those that overlap with major requirements.
  3. Other Core Curriculum requirements, including the Signature Curriculum, Core Skills, and Quantitative Reasoning components.
  4. The minimum number of 128 credits required to graduate.

These are sample plans — they are not required sequences, and in most cases diverging from them will not prevent you from graduating successfully in four years. You will adjust your own plan in close consultation with your faculty and staff advisors. These do represent possible paths, reviewed by the relevant academic departments, to the successful completion of your Augsburg degree.

Click on the academic year you enrolled at Augsburg: