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ESL Placement

English as a Second Language Placement

The Michigan Placement Test is required for all students for whom English is a second language. A score of 85 or higher satisfies two general education requirements and also grants exemption from any ESL coursework at Augsburg.  To see if you are eligible for the Michigan Placement test, please see the table on the Modern Language Placement Test page.

Any student scoring below 85 must register for ENL 217 and perhaps ENL 218 (ESL courses). Once a student has successfully completed the ESL course(s) and scored at or above 85% on a re-test of the Michigan Placement Test, that student has finished the ESL requirement at Augsburg. Students taking the ESL course must also complete ENL 111: Effective Writing to graduate and may need to take ENL 101: Developmental Writing as well.

ESL courses/competency can be used to fulfill the Core Curriculum language requirements under Modern Language (ML1 and ML2).