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Explore Your Life’s Calling… Examine Big Questions!

This retreat taking place November 17-19, at the Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree, AZ, is for graduates of colleges and universities of the ELCA who are either nearing or currently living in their 3rd Chapter of Life. It is a retreat to explore personal life callings, passions, meaning, and purpose. Vocation!

Grounded in the truths of your own stories and questions, and guided by the Circles of Trust® model based on the work of author and educator, Parker Palmer, this retreat invites you to step with intention into examination of the big questions of life – your identity, meaning, purpose, and calling. “Given my abilities and my (changing or changed) circumstances, how can I make a difference?”

The format is discussion oriented. DO NOT EXPECT LECTURES!

This retreat is part of the Vocation for Life initiative, a collaborative venture of several colleges/universities related to the ELCA. Facilitated by faculty and staff leadership of colleges of the ELCA and Portico Benefit Services, hosted by Spirit in the Desert.

*If you’d like to retreat a bit longer and add a day before or after, please contact Cyndy Warnier at Spirit in the Desert for availability at: (480) 488-5218 or at

Packages include program, meals and lodging.
$180 per person double occupancy
$215 per person private room
(limited availability)
$120 per person for commuters (meals & program)

Register online at or by calling 480-488-5218 by Tuesday, October 10, 2013.