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Nominate an Outstanding Auggie

You know some exceptional alums—now tell us how great your classmates are! The Augsburg Alumni office is now accepting nominations for the First Decade Award, Spirit of Augsburg Award, and Distinguished Alumni Awards, which will be presented at Homecoming 2015. Read on for more important details for all award nominations. Send the nomination form to the Augsburg College office of Alumni and Constituent Relations by Dec. 31.


Augsburg College wishes to acknowledge and honor those alumni and friends whose outstanding achievements and commitment to service exemplify the ideals and mission of the College.

The mission of Augsburg College is:

To nurture future leaders in service to the world by providing high quality educational opportunities which are based in the liberal arts, and shaped by the faith and values of the Christian Church, the context of a vital metropolitan region, and an intentionally diverse campus community.

The following awards are selected each year:

Distinguished Alumni Award
Awarded to Augsburg College alumni in recognition for significant achievement in vocation, for outstanding contribution to church and community, and for a life that exemplifies the ideals and mission of Augsburg College. Augsburg alumni (graduates and non graduates) are eligible.

First Decade Alumni Award
Awarded to Augsburg College graduates of the last ten years who have made significant progress in their professional achievements and contributions to the community, and in so doing exemplify the mission of the College: to prepare future leaders in service to the world. Graduates from the day, weekend, and graduate programs are eligible.

Spirit of Augsburg Award
Honors Augsburg alumni or friends of the College who have given exceptional service that contributes substantially to the well being of the College by furthering its purposes and programs. Alumni, friends, faculty and staff, and groups who have served the College are eligible.

Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni award, the Spirit of Augsburg award, and the First Decade award will be selected primarily through an evaluation of three areas: professional accomplishments, contributions to church/community, and connection to Augsburg College, as outlined on the nomination form.



  1. Augsburg College Alumni is defined as all those who have attended Augsburg, so the awards are open not only to graduates, but to anyone who has been a student.
  2. The award may be given posthumously.
  3. Current members of the faculty (excluding faculty in phased retirement), staff, Board of Regents, and Alumni Board are not eligible to receive the Distinguished Alumni award.
  4. Friends of the College as well as alumni are eligible for the Spirit of Augsburg award.
  5. Only graduates of the past 10 years may be nominated for the First Decade award.


Nomination details:

  1. The lack of sufficient information supporting your candidate is the greatest hindrance to a nomination. Detailed information regarding all three areas of consideration is vital.
  1. The nomination form and a minimum of three letters of support detailing your candidate’s accomplishments in the three areas is required. You may solicit letters from coworkers, supervisors, community leaders, pastors, fellow alumni, classmates of the nominee, and family members. The content and heartfelt nature of the letters of support often makes a substantial difference in the selection process, so choose people who will put some time and thought into their recommendation.
  1. Nominations submitted for Distinguished Alumni awards are automatically considered for the Spirit of Augsburg award if not selected as a Distinguished Alumni awardee.
  1. A maximum of three Distinguished Alumni awards, two Spirit of Augsburg awards, and two First Decade awards will be selected each year. If your nominee is not selected, the nomination packet will automatically be held and submitted in the pool for one more year.

Please keep in mind that there are typically a large number of submissions for these few awards and non-selection of your nominee in no way reflects the College’s appreciation for and pride in your nominee. It is simply a reflection of the strong competition and the quality of the company that your nominee is in. Deadline: December 31, 2014.


Please forward all nomination materials, including the nomination form, and letters of support to:


Augsburg College

Alumni & Constituent Relations

Campus Box 146

2211 Riverside Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55454