Augsburg Builds Connections

What is Augsburg Builds Connections?

The program pairs Augsburg graduates and friends of the College with students who are looking for educational advice, career guidance and life lessons. It’s a wonderful opportunity for alumni who appreciate what Augsburg gave them to give something back by helping the next generation of students.

Who participates?

Each mentor is paired with a student who has been chosen because he or she is bright, willing to learn and eager for professional advancement. Students come from all disciplines and class years.

What do Mentors do?

Mentors draw on their real-world experience to give students advice about making the right choices in school, getting ahead in their careers, and developing social skills. They serve as confidence boosters as well as role models.

Mentors act as sounding boards for their students and provide practical feedback. They share ideas, communicate knowledge, identify useful resources and help clarify educational and professional goals.

Mentors often take their students to their workplace to give them a first-hand look at “the real world.” And they offer insights on a range of skills — developing time-management strategies, approaching faculty members and supervisors, preparing effective résumés, handling interviews and dressing for success.

Mentors may also take their students to a special conference, a museum or a cultural event to introduce them to new experiences and broaden their horizons.

How much time does it take?

Each relationship develops its own pattern, but as a general rule a mentor is asked to spend two to three hours a month with their student. The ongoing relationship is nurtured through phone calls and e-mail contact.

Mentors are asked to participate in an orientation session at the beginning of the year and a networking event in the spring.

Why should you become a Mentor?

The mentor-student relationship is about career professionals offering friendly guidance and encouragement to an up-and-coming generation. It’s based on mutual respect and openness.

It’s a two-way street — mentors often say they learn as much as they teach. And the satisfaction of helping guide young scholars onto the path toward success is one of life’s great rewards.

How do I join?

Alumni, parents, and friends who are interested in serving as a mentor must first fill out an application (click here). Email:

Mentors will be utilized on an as-need basis. If a student or graduate is interested in the professional field or company of one of our volunteers, we will send the volunteer the name of the student or graduate and their professional interests. If the volunteer feels that he or she has information that can assist the student or graduate in their professional goals, they will follow-up directly with them.

Benefit in Participating in the ABC

Augsburg alumni and parents who participate in the ABC program have the opportunity to help navigate Augsburg students and alumni through their career path. In addition, participants are invited to an annual ABC networking reception as an opportunity to network with fellow Auggies.

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at for more information.