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Department of Art

The Art Department’s mission is to consistently give students a sound basis for visual literacy and appreciation, accomplishment in art making, and an understanding of historical context, and provide opportunities for community engagement and visibility. Through experiential learning and critical engagement, we foster understanding of and respect for the crucial contributions of art to society.

The Art Department values and encourages scholarship that supports and expands discipline-specific knowledge and skills necessary for creative production, critical engagement in the life of the discipline, instruction of the highest quality, and integration of the institutional mission with cultural and social issues. We honor and encourage varied, experimental, and integrative approaches to this work, especially that which:

  •  arises from and/or feeds back into classroom activities
  • encourages collaboration with peers, students and community
  • involves faculty and professionals in the art world, which reflects the highest standards of the profession and discipline as recognized by experts and peers In the field
  • fosters commitment to diversity