Graphic Design


The computer lab is furnished with 22 all-in-one iMac computers with CD/DVD and 17-inch monitors. They all are equipped for print, web and interactive design software that are upgraded every year. Also included in the computer lab are electronic drawing tablets, film and document scanners and high-quality printers. The equipment is upgraded on a regular basis.

ART 215 Web Design l 
This course explores the theory and practice of web design. The focus is placed on effective design and usability.  Students will get familiar with Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator.

ART 225 Graphic Design l 
Graphic Design I is an introduction to the principles and practices of visual communications focusing on text and image using grid layouts.

ART 315 Web Design II
Exploration of the latest technologies used in the theories and practice of animation, interactive programming, and advanced digital design. (Prereq.: ART 215 or instructor permission)

ART 320 Typography
Study of the history, development, structures, and application of traditional and contemporary typography; exploring letterforms using digital, hand-set type, and hand lettering. (Prereq.: Any ART course)

ART 330 Graphic Design II
Graphic Design II explores visual communications in the retail environment—developing advertising materials, sales promotions, packaging, and displays.

ART 340 Digital Imaging
Exploration of visual communications in the electronic environments using various software programs to create digital images, animation and digital games.