Curriculum Integration

The Study Abroad Curriculum Integration project is an effort directed by the Office of International Programs to internationalize Augsburg College by collaborating with academic departments to integrate existing study abroad programs into the curriculum.

Project Goals:

  • Develop ownership of study abroad outside of the Augsburg Abroad office.
  • Create department-specific study abroad materials.
  • Effect long-term institutional change in the form of a more internationalized academic experience.

Project Activities:

Spring 2007 Survey

This survey assessed the knowledge and perceptions about study abroad with faculty/staff and students and will provide baseline data as we move forward with the project. Survey results below.

Faculty/Staff Survey Results

Student Survey Results

Department Collaboration

Since spring 2007, Augsburg Abroad has been working with the following departments and programs on its curriculum integration efforts:

o Biology

o Communication Studies

o Education

o Environmental Studies

o Film

o History

o Honors Program

o Medieval Studies

o Social Work

For further information or to begin working with Augsburg Abroad on curriculum integration for your department, please contact Leah Spinosa de Vega at or 612-330-1650.

Major Advising Sheets

Do you want to complete major/minor requirements abroad, but are not sure how to start looking for a study abroad program? These major advising sheets, created jointly by Augsburg Abroad and the respective departments, suggest specific study abroad programs that match the department’s curriculum and learning objectives.

This project is ongoing, so advising sheets for other majors will continue to be posted. Check back later if your major isn’t listed!

Biology Advising Sheet (pdf)

Communication Studies Advising Sheet (pdf)

Environmental Studies Advising Sheet (pdf)

Film Studies Advising Sheet (pdf)

History Advising Sheet (pdf)

Honors Program Advising Sheet (pdf)

Medieval Studies Program Advising Sheet (pdf)

Social Work Major Advising Sheet (pdf)