Biology Students Receive National Honors

Two Augsburg Biology students were named in national fellowship and scholarship competitions this spring. Students from around the country applied for these programs, and Augsburg is proud to be represented by such dedicated students.

Joe Buchman, Chemistry and Biology major, received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship that will provide $40,500 each year for the first three years of his doctoral study in Chemistry. The selection of these fellows is very competitive and is based on the viability of the student’s proposed research. Dr. Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright, Dr. Vivian Feng and Dr. Joan Kunz all wrote letters on Joe’s behalf and helped him shape his research proposal. Joe has been admitted to doctoral programs in chemistry at University of Colorado-Boulder, Iowa State University, University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana and the University of MN-Twin Cities. He has decided to attend the University of MN.

Allison Zank, Chemistry major and Biology research student, received the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship, a $7,500 award given to students from around the country who excel in STEM and intend to pursue a career in science, math, or engineering. Allison’s enthusiasm for research and its practical application was clear in her application, which was read and reviewed by Augsburg’s Goldwater committee, Dr. David Crowe, Dr. David Murr, Dr. Jody Sorensen, and Dr. David Hanson, as well as by Allison’s recommenders, Dr. Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright, Dr. Michael Wentzel, and Sandra Myers (U of M School of Dentistry). Allison is Augsburg’s first female Goldwater Scholar and one of only eight in the state to receive the award.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding students!