Students Accepted into Graduate or Professional Programs

Please join us in congratulating the many Biology alums (or soon to be alums) who were accepted to graduate or professional programs this year

Graduate school 

Joseph Buchman ’13, Biology & Chemistry, Chemistry PhD Program at U of M

Amy Balto ’13, Chemistry, Masters in Food Science at Oregon State University


Medical School

Caitlin Batzlaff ’12, Biology, University of Minnesota

Ryan Bonner ’08, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Brandon Bukowski ’12, Biology, University of Wisconsin

Samantha Gerhardson ’09, Finance and Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth

Kayla Johnson ’13, Biology and Math, University of Minnesota Duluth


Physician Assistant

Kacie Bahr ’12, Biology, Marquette University or St. Kate’s University (deliberating)

Aybike Bakan ’11, Biology, Augsburg College

Courtney Gamrath ’12, Biology, Bethel College

Natasha Germain ’11, Biology, University of Southern California

Nikki Johnson ’13, Biopsychology, Augsburg College

Sarah Kidd ’13, Biology, New York Institute of Technology

Rebecca Reimann ’12, Biology, Augsburg College

Robert Tix ’07, Psychology, Marietta College


Dental School

Beau Hoium ’12, Biology, University of Minnesota


Veterinary School

Camille McAloney ’12, Biology, University of Minnesota


Masters of Public Health

Van Hong ’11, Biology, Touro University

Stef Sanders ’10, Biology, Boston University