Bonner Leaders Program

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Current Bonners

First Years

rsz_greg_2 Greg Lewis International Business/History Urban Debate League
It’s important to serve my community so I can give back.
Traeanna Bell Psychology Banyan Community Center
It’s important to serve so we can show our community that our generation is willing to help and make a difference in the world today!
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ChengCha Vang Undecided Trinity Lutheran Congregation
I’m most looking forward to building relationships with people in the Bonner Leaders Program this year.
Lauren Canales Political Science/Women’s Studies, Spanish Minor Planned Parenthood/Nursing Students for Choice
We have to help each other all to be leaders.
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Chase Brenke Secondary Education
It’s important to serve your community because there are many people who are in need and could benefit from a helping hand.

Second Years

rsz_munam Muna Mohamed Exercise Science, Sociology Minor Brian Coyle Community Center
Serving our community will demonstrate that we can work together and make the community a better place. It also will be an eye-opening experience that will help you develop as an individual.
rsz_carina Carina Bragg Elementary Education Seward Montessori
The most rewarding thing I’ve done was study art in Sweden and my Bonner placement at Seward Montessori.
bonner logo Sagal Ali International Relations, Sociology Minor Brian Coyle Community Center
It’s important to serve your community to contribute to the greater good of others and create a long lasting relationship with others.
rsz_Sari_Kids Sari Olson Education, Spanish Minor Project for Pride in Living
Community is where you find yourself.
rsz_munaa Muna Ahmed Biopsychology Trinity Lutheran Congregation
The most rewarding thing I’ve done was Hajj in Mecca.
bonner logo Joe Kempf Biopsychology St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
I believe we are all called to serve. If the community struggles, then I struggle alongside but if the community is helped by service, then we both truly win.
rsz_amal Amal Warsame Psychology, Sociology Minor Trinity Lutheran Congregation
One thing I know for sure is I will make a difference in this world one day.
Shane Shane Xiong Business, Sociology Minor Undecided
I serve my community because it grounds me and helps me along with everyone to connect or reconnect with everybody else.
rsz_jay Jaquan Kline Social Psychology & Pre-Law, Social Welfare Minor Banyan Community Center
One of my strongest beliefs is that there is an underservice to most accused criminals in our law system.
rsz_pahoua Pahoua Xiong Elementary Education MN Council of Churches
I am looking forward to working and getting to know new Bonners and old ones.

Third Years

rsz_ozzie Osvaldo Valverde History, Religion Minor Trinity Lutheran Congregation
The community’s health reflects social well-being so it’s important for college students to serve in their community.
rsz_rachelshaheen Rachel Shaheen Biology, Environmental Studies Minor Project for Pride in Living
The most rewarding thing I’ve done was working at Collaborative Village’s youth program.
bonner logo Banna Kidane Computer Science, Management Information Systems Minor Banyan Community Center
I’m looking forward to being a role model for the new Bonner students this year.
rsz_luke Luke Iverson Finance & International Relations, Economic Minor St. Stephen’s Street Outreach
I’m looking forward to returning to St. Stephen’s this year in Bonner.
rsz_alisha Alisha Esselstein Social Work, International Relations Minor St. Stephen’s Human Services
Living in Kenya was the most rewarding thing I’ve done.
rsz_taylor Taylor Kuramoto Math Bonner Office/Kaleidoscope Place
I’m looking forward to all the Bonner Love this year.
bonner logo Andrena Murphy Elementary Education Kaleidoscope Place
Working with the kids at Kaleidoscope again is what I’m looking forward to this year.
rsz_gavinp Gavin Prouty Psychology, Secondary Education & Native American Studies Minor Seward Montessori
If you are part of a community, you should help it grow and you will find yourself growing too.
bonner logo Ben Swanson Chemistry Open Door Learning Center
College students should serve in their community because it’s the cool thing to do. Makes you feel good too!
rsz_annie Annie Stockland Psychology Open Door Learning Center
I’m really looking forward to bonding with Bonners, getting a new placement and experience in something I’ve never done.
bonner logo Emily Uecker Social Work Waite House
I WILL change the world for the better.

Fourth Years

rsz_jaia Jaia Chang Social Work Hennepin County Office of Multicultural Services
This year, I’m looking forward to engaging in the community.
bonner logo Elena Eveslage Social Work Our Savior’s Housing
College students should serve in their community because it’s important to learn from all types of people.
rsz_tayis Tayis Lawson International Relations Trinity Lutheran Congregation
As a democracy state we all need to work together and help our neighbors. That’s what makes you a good citizen.
rsz_brittney Brittney Westgard Social Work, Sociology Minor Waite House
Serving the community is the best way to learn about your community.
sally Sally Fifield Sociology, Spanish Minor Common Table
This year I’m looking forward to finding more meaning in my work.
bonner logo Magaly Ortiz Apple Valley Youth Mentoring
One of my strongest beliefs is that education is one of the most important things to have.
SAMSUNG Andrea Batt Communications, Digital Design Certification Bonner Office/The Bridge for Youth
Working at Urban Ventures and becoming friends with my kids at Urban Ventures was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. I still can’t stop talking about it three years later.
bonner logo Marisol Lopez-Ibanez Psychology, Religion Minor SPOKES
The most rewarding thing I’ve done was teaching people how to ride a bike.
Liv Liv Meland Social Work Fraser Home and Community Support
I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot from my community and I want to be able to share my skills and knowledge with others.
rsz_bri Brianna Radloff Elementary Education Seward Montessori/Hope Academy
Serving in New Orleans over Spring Break was the most rewarding experience I’ve had. 
bonner logo Ingrid Pond International Relations & Cross Cultural Studies, Norwegian Minor Seward Neighborhood Group
The world needs more understanding of those who are different than you.