Transfer Guides

student4-111Augsburg is definitely a transfer-friendly college. Whether you are transferring recently earned credits or returning to college after years away, we will work with you to simplify the process.

We start by providing a free one-on-one credit evaluation of your nursing degree and other college course work. When you meet with an admissions counselor, bring a copy of your transcripts to receive an unofficial evaluation.

Augsburg generally accepts transfer credit from other institutions accredited by the Higher Learning Commission that offer courses leading to an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree. Augsburg also considers the grade earned in the course in deciding whether to accept it in transfer; students must earn a grade of “C” or better in order for a course to be accepted in transfer at Augsburg. This indicates that the student mastered the basic material in the courses.

Generally, students can transfer up to 64 semester credits from community colleges, but nursing students will receive an additional 28 semester credits  for nursing classes completed in an RN nursing program; therefore, the maximum number of credits a BSN student can transfer in from a community college is 92 semester credits.

Our transfer guides will also help you find liberal arts courses (general education), like Algebra or English, that will be accepted at Augsburg. Students completing the B.S. in Nursing may waive two Liberal Arts Foundation course rquirements (in two different areas), or waive the two-course Modern Language requirement.

We also accept credit by exam, or CLEP (College Level Examination Program) credit. This allows you to earn credit for previous work or for experience that may not be reflected on your transcript.