Community Garden (Food to Grow)

Community-garden-smallOur community garden season is wrapping up! Check back in March for the 2017 application, or contact to be added to the waitlist.

The Augsburg Community Garden is meant to give students, staff, faculty, neighbors, and community organizations an opportunity to learn and grow their own fresh produce. Rather than the Campus Kitchen as an organization attempt to grow food to provide food for free, we provide the land, tools, water, and compost to anyone in the neighborhood so that they can take ownership of their own space and produce. In addition to the individual plots, there are communal spaces where anyone can harvest from (like the raspberry patch along the sidewalk). We have had farmers from Minnesotan farms, Ethiopia, Somalia, Vietnam and Mexico all gardening together, and sharing their skills and examples with many others who are just beginning to learn how to garden.

To get your own space, we ask that you have a strong connection to the Cedar Riverside Community, contribute $30 for the year (scholarships available), and volunteer at least 4 hours to help maintain and improve the whole garden (not just one’s own plot). We’re able to place almost everyone who applies. To apply for the upcoming season, please complete and submit the form that’s below the calendar.┬áIf you have friends or neighbors that don’t use computers but would be interested in a plot, it’d be great for you to complete this on their behalf, but it’s possible to print this out and send it to Campus Kitchen, 2211 Riverside Ave, Campus Box 108, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

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