Chapel Worship

Morning Chapel Schedule

Join us Monday through Friday, while classes are in session, for morning chapel in Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center. MWF: 10:40-11am, TTh: 11:30-11:50am.

  • Friday, 2/24, 10:40am: The Augsburg Jazz Ensemble
  • Monday, 2/27, 10:40am: Mindful Monday  Start your day with Krista Costin ’08, a yoga and meditation instructor (and classical vocalist), for 20 minutes of relaxing yet invigorating breathing and stretching exercises.
  • Tuesday, 2/28, 11:30am: Campus Ministries Student Deacons lead worship: Robb Benson-Ernst ’18, Bethany Keyl ’19, Mitchell Paddock ’18, and David Erickson ’18. Musician: Noah Quam ’18.
  • Wednesday, 3/1, 10:40am: Ash Wednesday service with imposition of ashes. Rev. Mark Hanson ’68 preaching.
  • Thursday, 3/2, 11:30am: Winnie Godi ’17 Senior Chapel
  • Friday, 3/3, 10:40am: St. David’s Day. Musicians: Conie Borchardt ’98 and The Augsburg Choir, directed by Mark Sedio ’76

Augsburg College is truly unique in being one of the few liberal arts schools in America that offers chapel every weekday. During these 20 minutes you will find a great variety of speakers and music. We encourage you to honor the moments carved out for you in the schedule that you might experience spiritual growth. All are welcome! The Morning Chapel schedule is below. This schedule is also available as a Campus Ministry Google calendar.

Augsburg Chapel is…

  • A worship time where we focus on the Triune God – Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer
  • A time for daily sabbath renewal…
  • To rejoice in song
  • To share in the communal pilgrimage of faith
  • To be empowered in our call to be the neighbor, serving in love
  • To pause for the day; to breath anew
  • To practice radical hospitality
  • To be challenged in our faith and values, to ask questions
  • To contemplate the Word of God
  • To pray corporately for our community & for individuals
  • To be inspired by the testimony of others

Wednesday Night Communion Schedule

Join us on Wednesday evenings, while classes are in session, for worship with Holy Communion at 9:30pm in Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center.

Wednesday, 3/1, 9:30pm: Ash Wednesday Service with Imposition of Ashes.

Sunday Morning:

Trinity Lutheran Church worships in our chapel on Sundays at 11 a.m. and there are also many different churches in our neighborhood in which students are encouraged to explore and attend.