Chapel Worship

Augsburg College is truly unique in being one of the few liberal arts schools in America that offers chapel every day. During these 20 minutes you will find a great variety of speakers and music. We encourage you to honor the moments carved out for you in the schedule that you might experience spiritual growth.  All are welcome!

Daily Chapel

Join us Monday through Friday, while classes are in session, for daily chapel in Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center. MWF: 10:40-11am, TTh: 11:30-11:50am.

Monday, August 31, at 10:30am: Opening Convocation – No Daily Chapel

Tuesday, September 1, at 11:30am: Chapel series “Beginnings and Blessings,” begins with Pastor Sonja Hagander preaching, College Pastor and Director of Ministries. Reader: Joe Kempf ’16. Musicians: Sophia Bauer ’16, vocalist & guitarist; Rosie Attiyeh ’17, percussionist.

Wednesday, September 2, at 10:40am: Chapel series continues with Dr. Paul C. Pribbenow, President of Augsburg College, preaching, “Paths of mercy.” Reader: David Erickson ’18, Camus Ministry Deacon. Musicians: Mary Kirchdorfer ’16, harpist.

Thursday, September 3, at 11:30am: Chapel series continues with Babette Chatman, Community Collaborative Partner at Redeemer Lutheran Church and Redeemer Center for Life, preaching “Beginnings and Blessings with Joy.” Reader: Hannah Thiry ’17.  Musicians: Traiveon Dunlap, vocalist; Cleo Knickerbocker ’18, pianist.

Friday, September 4, at 10:40am: Chapel series continues with Pastor Mike Matson ’06, preaching, Chaplain to Student Athletes. Reader: Jon Bates ’15, Campus Ministry Deacon. Musicians: Christ Wallace ’16, vocalist; Noah Quam ’18, pianist.

Wednesday Night Communion

Join us on Wednesday Nights, while classes are in session, for worship with Holy Communion at 9:30pm in Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center.

Wednesday, September 2, at 9:30pm: “Global Village, Global Song” liturgy celebrating the people, faith, and music of many nations. Musical guest: Ray Makeever.

Sunday Morning

Trinity Lutheran Church worships in our chapel on Sundays during the school year at 11 a.m. and there are also many different churches in our neighborhood in which students are encouraged to explore and attend.