Purchasing Transportation

Student organizations may rent cars or vans, reserve buses, or purchase airline tickets for off-campus travel.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding who can drive, from where to rent, and other policies:

Cars & Vans

Who can drive?
Only staff and faculty are allowed to drive rental cars and vans.  Students are prohibited from driving any rental vehicles, no matter their age and regardless of whether the rental company approves.

Do staff and faculty need any training to drive rental vehicles?

  • For rental cars and small vans: No training is required.
  • For 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans: Yes, all staff and faculty are required to go through a drivers training at Augsburg. To participate in the training, contact Kristin Hansen.

Does Augsburg have any vehicles it owns for student organizations or departments to use?
Augsburg has several 12-passenger vans for student organizations and departments to reserve for free on a first-come, first-serve basis, provided staff and faculty drivers have undergone the appropriate college-sanctioned training (see above). To inquire about availability, contact Melodie Lane.

Does Augsburg have vendors that provide a discount when renting vehicles?
Yes. Augsburg has discounts through E&I, a purchasing consortium that gives us discounted rates through both Hertz and Enterprise.  Contact information for both companies:

  • Hertz (1-800-654-2200). Mention that we are an E&I member.
  • Enterprise (1-800-736-8222). Scroll down the left-side and click on “Enterprise Rent A Car,” then click on the reservations “here” text that appears. Contact Jill Davenport to receive Augsburg’s discount code that you must enter on the company’s reservation website.

You may reserve vehicles from other companies if the companies above do not have the type of vehicles which you are needing.

Should I purchase the extra insurance on rental vehicles?
No. Augsburg’s insurance policy covers any accidents that may occur.


Who can drive?
Only licensed professionals may drive rental buses. Students, staff, and faculty are prohibited from driving buses.

Does Augsburg own any buses for student organizations or departments to use?

Does Augsburg have vendors that provide a discount when renting buses?
Yes, we have discounts through ACTC for two vendors: one for coach buses, and one for school buses. They are:

Air Travel

How do we book group airline tickets?
Augsburg uses Schilling Travel to book group airline tickets at a discounted rate.