Current Interfaith Scholars

Amber Kalinaamber-kalina

Class of 2015

Hometown: Perham, MN

Major: Youth and Family Ministry
Minor: Sociology

The thing I enjoy most about Augsburg is the dedication this campus has to creating a place where persons with diverse backgrounds can come together and learn from one another. I have grown to appreciate the diverse opinions individuals propose, even if they do not fit with my own beliefs.

Emily Ueckeremily-uecker

Class of 2015

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Major: Social Work

Augsburg is truly unlike any other campus. I feel both constantly encouraged and humbled. Augsburg has made me proud of my accomplishments and hard work and makes me feel like I will do great things for the world, but at the same time I’m confronted by stories of people who have worked harder than I could ever imagine or have accomplished things that I wouldn’t have deemed possible. Overall, it’s made me who I am today and pushes me to grow more as a person, opening my eyes to new stories and experiences.

Jasmin Etlawely jasmin-etlawely

Class of 2016

Hometown: Fridley, Minnesota

Major: Biology and Communications

Augsburg has encouraged me to take advantage of every opportunity that is available to me and to always persevere in order to accomplish my goals. I am the Public Relations officer for the Muslim Student Association at Augsburg so I help with event planning and we work towards bringing awareness of Islam to Augsburg.

Blake Pekkalablake-pekkala

Class of 2014

Hometown: Duluth, MN

Major: Accounting

My favorite thing about Augsburg has been the paradigm shift that has happened within myself. I feel that community at Augsburg has reshaped my internal framework and opened me up to searching for what’s truly meaningful and worth searching for.

Eleni Atnafeeleni-atnafe

Class of 2016

Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Major: Chemistry & International Relations

The Interfaith Program allows me to experience meaningful dialogue that contributes to both my personal and academic growth. Augsburg has made me driven, curious and thought me to never settle for average when beyond that is available.

Luke Iversonluke-iverson

Class of 2015

Hometown: Maple Grove, Minnesota

Major: Finance, International Business

Augsburg has given me countless opportunities to stretch, shape, and challenge me as a person. I’m always kept on my toes and busy with the things that I love to do. The school’s culture continually challenges me to think outside of my norms and challenges me with new ideas.

Yasmin Abdulayayasmin-abdulaya

Class of 2015

Hometown: Haramaya, Ethiopia

Major: Biology

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the diverse community. When am not in class, I participate in multiple student organization groups (like MSA, PASU, and AKA) and volunteer weekly at the Amplatz Childrens Hospital.

Rosa Hamrosa-ham

Class of 2016

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Major: Exercise Science

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the diversity and the connections I have made with the student, professors, and staff here! With these different diverse experiences, I feel it strengthens me to be more knowledgeable and mindful of all those around me. It also encourages me to have a consistent open mindset to seeing things differently and embracing new outlooks in life!