2015 Fall Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/1/2015 Corinna Schindler Univ. of Michigan Iron(III)-Catalyzed Cyclization Reactions
9/15/2015 Vivian Feng Augsburg Chemistry Sabbatical seminar: Living on the Edge: a surface chemist’s journey at the nano-bio interface
9/29/2015 Nidainie Henderson-Stull Augsburg Biology Two of a kin(d) ases: Deconstructing drug selectivity in the oncogenic Abl and Src kinases
10/13/2015 Mark Mason Univ. of Toledo Green Chemistry: An overview of Principles and Applications
10/27/2015 Howard Fairbrother Johns Hopkins Univ. Polymer nanocomposites in the environment
11/10/2015 Arthur Winters Iowa State Univ. Giving Photocages Color: Photoremovable Protecting Groups Unmasked with Visible Light
11/24/2015 Larry Masterson Hamline Univ. Biochemistry
12/8/2015 Chem Faculty & Research students Augsburg Chemistry On-campus research opportunities in the Chem Dept