Notetakers for Students

How do I help a student get a notetaker for my course?

Please be thoughtful of the need for privacy in regard to students accessing accommodations. When soliciting volunteer notetakers, do not identify the student who needs notes to everyone in the classroom. It is a private matter for the students needing this accommodation.

There are several ways to request a notetaker for your course: send around a sign-up sheet, make an announcement in class that “a student needs a notetaker”, approach a student who you know is a good notetaker, or specifically assign a student to be the notetaker for the class and have them post their notes on Moodle for the entire class.

Another idea is to send an email to your students asking for vounteers.

1. E-mail each student in your course the following message:

“TO:   Students of [YOUR COURSE], Fall 2009

RE:    **There is a need for a notetaker for the duration of this class**

The notetaker will be responsible for:

  • Taking neat and competent notes during each class session
  • Being committed to attending every class period, or finding a substitute if you are unavailable
  • Making copies of your notes within 24 hours of each class session
  • Notetakers are paid for their time spent time making copies

Please contact me if you are interested in being the notetaker for this course.  Only one notetaker will be needed this semester for this section.

Thank you,


2. Wait for a reply from a student who is willing to take on the responsibility. If this does not happen, you will need to make an announcement in the classroom, reiterating the e-mail request. If no one comes forward, you should approach a student of your choice to ask them personally if they would be willing to be the notetaker.

3. If you feel comfortable with the student who wants to be the notetaker from observation, previous knowledge, etc., send the following e-mail:

RE: Notetaker position

“You have been selected to be the notetaker for [Course title].

In order to register as the notetaker for this course, you will need to go to the CLASS Groves Accommodations Lab as soon as possible to register as the course notetaker.  (The Groves Lab is part of the Gage Center located in the link level of the Lindell Library, room 216.) You will need to verify the course you are taking notes for. You will also need to go to Human Resources to finish new hire information so you can get paid.

Thank you again for volunteering to provide notes.”

4. If you receive no response to e-mail requests, or you would rather just make an announcement in the classroom, here is a sample text you can use:

“A student has requested a notetaker for this course. If you are interested in providing this accommodation, please stay after class today and speak with me.”

5. In either case (e-mail or class-time announcement), the notetaker will always need to register with the Groves Accommodations Lab in order to receive training on how to best provide this accommodation.

A Note on Universal Design:

One way you could make your courses more accessible to all students is by posting lecture notes on Moodle.