Accommodation Procedures

Accommodations can only be provided by the CLASS office if your instructor is informed. Disclosing that you are working with CLASS to your faculty can be of great benefit to you during the semester as it will open lines of communication between you, your Specialist and your instructors.

You do not need tell your instructors specific information about your disability, only that you have been found eligible for accommodations through CLASS. If you choose to share details regarding your disability with your professors, you and your Specialist can work together on how to initiate that conversation. One example of the benefits it can provide you is that it can lead to a helpful discussion of your academic strengths and challenges.

There are two steps that are completed for each course for which you are requesting accommodations:

Professor Letters

You officially disclose that you have a disability through the Professor Notification. This email confirms your connection with CLASS and indicates which accommodations you are eligible to receive for each specific course. When you connect with your Specialist, they will email notification letters to your professors for every course you plan to use accommodations in. You will also get a copy emailed to you.

Your need to connect with your Specialists before you can submit any exam requests.

Test Proctor Requests

For each test or quiz that you want to take in the Groves Lab, you will fill out a Test Proctor Request through the AIM link in Moodle.

Taking tests in CLASS

Getting a notetaker

Getting textbooks in alternative format (audio or digital)