Registrar Information

Commencement is open to all undergraduates who have applied for graduation who will have no more than three requirements remaining at the end of spring term, and who will be able to complete all requirements no later than fall term (December 2017).

Your graduation or degree date is based on the term in which you complete all coursework, not the date of Commencement.

All students who have been approved for participation in commencement will be listed in the program unless they notify the registrar that they wish to withdraw their application. This must be done prior to the deadline for publication of the Commencement program (March 31, 2017). Candidates listed in the Commencement program in either of the 2017 programs will not be listed in subsequent Commencement programs.

If you have any questions or changes in your graduation status, please contact Carrie Shidla in the registrar’s office, 612-330-1316 or

Physician Assistant Studies students should call 612-330-1518.

Latin Honors

Augsburg recognizes those students who have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement by conferring Latin Honors upon completion of a baccalaureate degree. Students may also receive recognition for departmental honors and for participation in the honors program (see individual department and program descriptions for details).

Information about qualification for Latin Honors can be found on the Registrar’s Office website