The Center for Democracy and Citizenship has created a variety of print and video materials to support the theoretical and practical work of democracy. Contact the center at or 612-330-1450 to order books, pamphlets and DVDs. Prices are indicated below; shipping and handling are additional.

Building Worlds, Transforming Lives, Making History: A Coach’s Guide for Public Achievement, 2nd ed.
by Bridget Erlanson and Robert Hildreth
172 pages
(Minneapolis: Center for Democracy and Citizenship, 1998)
Creating the Commonwealth
This publication explores the potential impact of political concepts in three settings, each concerned with education for democracy and the impact the experiences of public work might have on individual and institutional cultures.
by Harry C. Boyte, Nancy N. Kari, Jim Lewis, Nan Skelton, Jennifer O’Donoghue
78 pages. (Kettering Foundation, 1999)
Training Manual: Developing and Preparing Coaches
by Margaret Post
54 pages
This manual is intended to equip coach coordinators and trainers with a variety of tools, techniques and exercises for coach orientation, coach development, and work with sites.
(Minneapolis: Center for Democracy and Citizenship, 2003)


The Citizen Solution: How You Can Make a Difference
by Harry Boyte
224 pages (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2008)
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Voices of Hope: The Story of the Jane Addams School for Democracy
edited by Nan Kari and Nan Skelton
144 pages (Charles K. Kettering Foundation, 2007)
Everyday Politics: Reconnecting Citizens and Public Life
by Harry C. Boyte
239 pages. (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004)
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Commonwealth: A Return to Citizen Politics
by Harry C. Boyte
Harry Boyte offers a reinterpretation of politics and power in which citizens, not experts and pundits, take center stage.
218 pages. (New York: The Free Press, 1989)
Free Spaces: The Sources of Democratic Change
by Sara M. Evans and Harry C. Boyte.
A pathbreaking study of the nature of democratic movements.
227 pages. (New York: Harper & Row, 1986)
Building America: The Democratic Promise of Public Work
by Harry C. Boyte and Nancy N. Kari
Boyte and Kari use examples from low-income communities, colleges, high-tech newspapers, government agencies and schools, to put forth an original theory of work as a source of democratic renewal.
255 pages. (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1996)
We Are the Freedom People: Sharing Our Stories, Creating a Vibrant America
edited by D’Ann Urbaniak Lesch and Jennifer O’Donoghue
261 pages. (Minneapolis: Center for Democracy and Citizenship, 1999)
Youth Civic Engagement: Reflections on an Emerging Public Idea
by Nan Skelton, Harry C. Boyte and Lynn Sordelet Leonard
16 pages. (Center for Democracy and Citizenship, 2002)
We the Young People
The story of four Public Achievement groups making a difference. (18 minutes)
(Kauffman Foundation, 2000)
$10.00 DVD only
Citizenship: Would You Pass?
This video was created by a Public Achievement group at Humboldt High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. It takes a critical look at the test for U.S. Citizenship and its effectiveness in determining who will be a good citizen. (12 minutes)
(Phillips Community Television and Center for Democracy and Citizenship, 2000)
$10.00 DVD only