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Communicating Class Cancellations

Weather-related CLASS cancellations, closures

Augsburg University uses a range of communication methods to share information with the community about decisions to cancel classes, close facilities and campuses, and suspend operations.

Decisions of these types are made in consultation with a range of personnel including, but not limited to the Provost and Assistant Provost and/or designee, other Vice Presidents of the University, the Department of Public Safety, and staff from athletics, the library, and other departments, depending upon the unique situation at hand.

Tools used to alert the community of weather-related class cancellations include:

  • Augsburg Emergency Alerts – The University uses the Augsburg Emergency Alert system to send timely information to subscribers about class and facility changes due to severe weather, communicate on-campus emergencies, and share information about relevant emergencies within our community. The Augsburg Emergency Alert sends subscribers a text, email, and phone call (subscribers determine which and how many alert types they wish). To register for these emergency alerts, visit
  • Department of Public Safety Website – Information and updates about weather-related class cancellations and closures will be posted on the “News” section of the DPS website.
  • News Outlets – The University also uses television and radio stations to communicate information about cancelled classes and suspension of normal operations. This information is shared with and through KARE 11, KSTP, and WCCO television and radio for the Minneapolis campus, and with KTTC for the Rochester location. This information is then shared on the stations’ websites and television programming.
  • Social Media – After the above methods are utilized, and as staff resources permit, the University will seek to post the announcement to social media (Facebook, Twitter and the curated Storify feed on Inside Augsburg) and include links to the official communication.

Because any decision of this nature includes consulting with many departments and multiple locations, it is important to carefully read all information about cancellations or changes to operations. It is rare that the University’s Minneapolis campus would ever fully “close” because the campus also is residential and, therefore, provides housing, food service, and other services to residents. In addition, essential staff such as public safety and facilities staff always are present.

Additional Information

Regardless of the particular weather on any given day, it is important that Auggies always exercise caution when traveling to or from campus and on campus. Information and tips on how to maintain safety, steps to take during emergencies, and more can be found in the Emergency Procedures Guidebook published by Public Safety.

During extreme cold, if you are going outside, thoroughly cover all skin as even a short exposure to the elements potentially can be damaging. For specific information on precautions to take, see the guide from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted at