DPS is Hiring Students Now!

If you are a fast-learner who likes to help people, and you want to earn money at an exciting job with great co-workers, you should apply to work for DPS!

DPS is hiring at least 8 students for two positions for the academic year 2014-2015, with training starting in August. Applications are open now and can be found at augsburg.edu/dps/work-public-safety or HR’s job listings.

Both Dispatcher and Patrol are great on-campus jobs with flexible hours, up to 20 a week. Fast-paced and high-responsibility, looks great on any resume. If you’re interested, email Janine Kellogg at borcharj@augsburg.edu or Hannah Youngquist at youngqui@augsburg.edu.

Faculty & staff – if you have any students you think would be a good applicant, please direct them to apply online and/or email their name to Janine or Hannah. Thanks!

Crime Alert – Robbery – June 24th

JUNE 26 2014: Off Campus Robbery

On Tuesday, June 24th at approximately 8:30 p.m., a robbery occurred on the I94 foot bridge just south of Butler Place and Murphy Park. The victim is not affiliated with Augsburg College.

According to Minneapolis Police the victim described the suspects as “2 African American males, and 2 African American females”. Suspects took a backpack, iPad, iPhone, and a wallet. Victim was treated for minor injuries. Anyone with information is asked to call the Minneapolis Police Tip Line at 612-692-8477 or submit an online tip via Minneapolis Police website below http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/report/index.htm

Crime prevention and Safety tips can be found on the Augsburg – Public Safety website Crime Prevention page.

Safety Tips:

*Avoid walking alone at night.
*Keep valuables out of sight.
*Be aware of your surroundings and minimize distractions (ear buds, texting).
*Public Safety escorts are available to approved escort locations from dusk until dawn. Walking escorts to and from on-campus locations are available 24/7
*Report suspicious activity to Public Safety at 612-330-1717 or Minneapolis Police 911

On-Campus Fire Safety

Firescience.org recently launched a college student’s guide to fire safety and education.  This guidebook was expert-driven and includes contribution from the NFPA, the CEO of Campus Fire Safety, and public safety directors from two 4 year campus colleges.  The guide provides safety tips for college students living in dorms and off campus housing, including Fraternity & Sorority houses.  Additionally, the guide provides fire safety information for students with disabilities and a comprehensive list of fire safety resources.  See the guide below:

Fire Science Online:  Fire Safety & Education for College Students

Firescience.org we founded in 2011 and serves those looking for fire science education and fire safety information.  Most recently, the organization has broadened its scope to address several public safety and service careers such as homeland security, EMTs, forestry, and criminal justice to name a few.  Fire Science Online was funded by private donations and remains non-commercial and advertisement free.

Summer Parking 2014

During the summer of 2014, May – August, an Augsburg parking permit will  be required to park in Augsburg lots. Summer permits are available for purchase for $50 for all Augsburg faculty, students, and staff. You may log into Augnet, click the link for “Parking Services”, and register for a Summer parking permit. Summer permits are valid for all available

Any 2013-2014 year or semester permit is valid during May – August of 2014. If you have already purchased a permit this year – fall permit, spring permit, or academic year permit – you DO NOT need to purchase a summer permit. Your fall, spring, or academic year permit will remain valid the summer of 2014 in all Augsburg lots.

Summer Parking Information

Crime Alert: Off-Campus Robbery

On Thursday, May 1 at approximately 8:30 p.m., a robbery occurred at the intersection of 20th Avenue South and Riverside Avenue (across the street from Afro Deli) The victim is not affiliated with Augsburg College.
The victim was walking northbound across Riverside Avenue on the west side of the intersection when he noticed he was being followed by three males. The suspects approached but did not speak to the victim, and one of the suspects punched the victim. One of the suspects had a gun, and another held a knife. The suspects took the victim’s iPhone and his wallet, and fled on foot. Officers responded and searched, but were not able to locate the suspects. The victim was slightly injured. Continue reading “Crime Alert: Off-Campus Robbery”

Crime Advisory April 10th 2014

A variety of personal property thefts and “apple-picking” crimes have been reported to Public Safety this week. Most are occurring at or near the light rail station or a few blocks off campus during the late afternoon and evening hours.

“Apple- Picking” is criminal activity that focuses on easy grab items such as Apple iPhones and similar products. The college campus is an easy target as criminals know that most students are carrying one of these devices and frequently have it out in their hand as they travel. A criminal can easily approach and distract the victim by asking a simple question (what time is it?) and then quickly grab the phone from their hand and run off. As the weather warms this type of crime tends to increase. Please remember to be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings out of sight, including small electronics such as smartphones/Ipods/Ipads.

Keep the following tips in mind to help prevent crime on campus and keep your belongings safe!

-Be aware of your surroundings and who might be watching you/ your valuables.
– Don’t leave your valuables unattended and unsecured in public places.
– Keep valuables out of view. If possible, secure them in drawer or cabinet, or deep in a pocket/backpack.
– Always lock your office even if you will only be gone for a minute or two.
– Always lock your residence room, even when you are present!
– If possible, lock bicycles with a U lock around the frame and any “quick release” tires.
– Be aware of your surroundings and immediately report any suspicious activity or persons to Public Safety
Dispatch (612-330-1717 or x1717 from a campus phone) or the Minneapolis Police.

Register your bicycle with Public Safety

The snow has melted, the sun is shining- Tis the season for bike riding!

If you plan to ride your bike here over the summer, stop by DPS and fill out a bike registration form. We use these forms to connect the bikes on campus with their owners in case they need to be contacted. It is also a helpful document for the police department in the case of a stolen bicycle. Stop by to pick up a form, and happy riding!

For more information see the Bicycle / Moped / Motorcycle Parking page.