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Motorcycles/Mopeds & Bikes


Motorcycles and Mopeds are not required to be registered through Parking Services though it is highly recommended. Registering your vehicle allows Public Safety to contact you if we notice a problem such as damage to your vehicle or if your vehicle needs to be moved due to an emergency or construction issue on campus. For instructions on how to register, select “Register for Parking ” A motorcycle/moped permit is not required to use the marked Motorcycle and Moped parking areas. The designated areas on the map below are the only areas motorcycles/mopeds may park.

Motorcycles/mopeds may park only in designated areas. See the Motorcycle/Moped and Bicycle parking map (PDF).


Bicycle in the Twin Cities is a great opportunity to explore. View the following page for resources such as bicycle maps/trails, suggestions for gear, and how to get started!

Bicycles are not required to be registered, though it is highly recommended. Registering your bicycle allows Public Safety to contact you if there is an issue with your bicycle and it needs to be moved. Stolen bicycles are often recovered by Minneapolis Police. When your bicycle is registered, the opportunity for your bicycle to be returned to you is greatly increased. Bicycle Registration materials are also available at the Public Safety desk in the Urness/Mortensen lobby. Completed forms can be turned into Public Safety.

Bicycles may only be parked and locked to official bicycle racks. Bicycles parked along fences, handrails, or signposts will be impounded. Unclaimed bicycles will be donated to local bicycle restoration organizations. See the Motorcycle/Moped and Bicycle parking map (PDF).

Please take a look at the following Bicycle Safety Tips if you plan to bring your bicycle to campus.