Citations & Appeals


Citations & Towing

Augsburg DPS personnel will begin issuing citations for vehicles without valid permits in all campus parking lots at 8 a.m. on the first day of Undergraduate classes.

Parking fines must be paid to DPS at the dispatch center or mailed to DPS at Campus Box #78, within 14 days of the issue date. Unpaid fines will be assessed to the individual’s Augsburg account, and a late fee may be assessed. Anyone with an outstanding fine will not be allowed to register, receive transcripts or purchase a parking permit in the future. Fines outstanding for more than one semester may be forwarded to a collection agency. All vehicles with two or more outstanding tickets are subject to immediate citation and/or towing at the owner/operator’s expense without notice.

Vehicles parked in a fire lane, on a striped area, blocking handicapped access or driveways, in reserved spaces, or on any unpaved surface, in such a manner as to interfere with safety or normal traffic flow will also be subject to citation and/or towing at the owner/operator’s expense without notice. Parking on campus is a privilege. The privilege may be revoked for continued or gross violations of parking regulations.


Citation Appeal Process

Anyone wishing to appeal an Augsburg parking citation may do so by completing the appeal form PDF and submitting to DPS in person or by mailing it to the address listed on the form. Appeal forms are also available 24/7 at DPS.

Augsburg students, faculty, and staff may also appeal a citation online through Augnet’s Parking Services. After logging in, select the blue icon that says “appeals”. Select the violation you wish to appeal, write in your appeal information and submit. You will receive a response from the appeals committee on your appeal through e-mail.

Citations may be appealed to the Augsburg Parking Appeals Committee. All appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the issue date of the citation. The Parking Appeals Committee meets on a monthly basis and responds with their decisions to the person appealing. Only forms that are complete AND include payment will be reviewed. All Parking Appeals Committee decisions are final. A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking only for a short period, failure to display parking permit, parking in non-designated spaces, and/or not seeing signs are unacceptable grounds for appeal, and will not be considered.