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Faculty/Staff Parking

Faculty/Staff parking permits are available to those who are faculty or staff at the University. Permit prices are based on your FTE, work status, and must be paid via payroll deduction.

Faculty and staff who wish to purchase a parking permit must complete the online process. When finishing the online registration process, continue on to the online payments page, and choose the “Payroll Deduction” payment option. By selecting this option you are authorizing automatic payment withdrawal with your electronic signature. (Note: this is the only available option for payment from Faculty and Staff)

Faculty/Staff Permit Fall 2017

Visit ‘Parking Sale Dates‘ to see when you are eligible to register for parking

Get It:

Purchase your pass online at the Parking Services website. You can pick up your permit from DPS dispatch in the Urn/Mort lobby. Please allow at least two business days for processing & bring a photo ID. Permits will not be mailed out, nor will they be handed to someone else on the staff’s/faculty’s behalf.


Contract Features

  • Combine your use of Metro Transit and/or Bicycling with the ability to park when you need to.
  • Reduced parking permit cost in remote lots.

Transit Combo Pack– $168+$35/monthly for Metropass

  • Requires purchase of a Metro Transit Metropass as well as an annual discounted surface lot parking permit.
  • Parking permit valid only in remote Lots M (2027 E Franklin Ave) and O (2511 Franklin Avenue East).
  • Employees can sign up for the Metropass and payroll deduction through Kathy Uecker, Payroll. To enroll, simply fill out this Metropass Enrollment Form and and turn it in to Payroll in one of the following ways:

    • In Person, to Science 148
    • Through inter-campus mail to Campus Box #308
    • Scan it and email it to
    • Fax it to 612-330-1515

Bicycle Combo Pack- $168

  • Bicycle/parking combo pack requires participation in the ZAP Twin Cities bicycle commute incentive program with proof of bicycling at least three times per week.
  • Parking permit valid only in remote Lots M (2027 E Franklin Ave) and O (2511 Franklin Avenue East).
  • To sign up for ZAP Twin Cities, visit You’ll need to get your bike tagged with an RFID tag and register for an account. Then, bicycle by any one of these ZAP readers near Augsburg for credit.
  • Augsburg offers faculty and staff discounted Nice Ride memberships for just $15 per year (normal price is $75). If you plan to use Nice Ride for your cycling commutes, all you need to do is link your account to your Zap Twin Cities account to receive credit. For more information on how to sign up for a discounted Nice Ride membership please visit the Transportation page.



Permit prices: Will vary based on number of members in the group – cost of one permit (Year $504) is split by total number of group members.

Carpool group permits are very limited and will be sold on a first-come basis.

Commuter students, faculty, and staff have the option of purchasing a carpool permit. Any group (of two or more people) who agrees to have only one of their vehicles on campus at a time, and both (or more) of the parties are on the Augsburg Minneapolis campus a MINIMUM of 3 days each week may opt for a carpool permit. That group will be assigned one permit to share, and will have a spot reserved for their group in Lot A (Fall 2017).

To request a carpool permit, please contact Once an e–mail is received, the sender will receive an e–mail response and permit instructions within 2 business days.

The benefits of registering for a carpool parking permit are: You will have a reserved space (no one else can use it), it costs less than buying your own permit, you will not have to drive yourself to work every day, and you are benefiting the environment.


Contract Features:

  • Prorated cost based on FTE
  • Option for payroll deduction
  • 24/7 parking in Lots D and L (Campus Map (PDF))

Cost for 2017-2018:

0- .5 FTE  Year permit: $210

0-.5 FTE Semester permit: $105

.51- 1.0 FTE Year permit: $504

.51- 1.0 FTE Semester permit: $252

*FTE is determined by your general Human Resources status.

  • Parking services user profileBefore your registration date you should log into Parking Services and check your profile’s designation to make sure it is what you expect. Your “User Type” determines what type of permit you can register for.
  • Faculty – wrong FTE? To change your FTE or find out more, please contact Nate Hallanger at 612-330-1674 or via email at
  • Staff – wrong FTE? To change your FTE or find out more, please contact Human Resources at 612-330-1058 or via email at
  • Temp/Stipened Staff: If you are encountering any issues, please contact DPS at 612-330-1717 or via email at

New Lower cost option!

Remote Lot Parking in Lot M:


Lot M: 2001 Minnehaha Ave (Off of Franklin Ave, across from Taco Bell)

This lot will be available for full-time Faculty and Staff (.51-1.0 FTE) to purchase at half the cost of the regular, full-time, Faculty and Staff surface lot permit. This will allow you to park only in Lot M. You can purchase a full year permit for this lot, or just per semester. You cannot buy this permit in addition to any other permit on campus.



  • $252 Yearly permit
  • $126 Semester permit


*Temporary or adjunct Faculty or staff are encouraged to purchase passes on a semesterly basis, due to the constant FTE change. We will not make refunds on year-long permits mid-way into the contract, so please consider per-semester passes.


Contract Features:

  • 24/7 parking in either Luther or Oren underground lot
  • Heated underground parking
  • Vehicle protected from ice and snow!
  • Garage is protected by card access
  • Designated/reserved parking space
  • Easy indoor access to either the Luther Hall or Oren Gateway stairs and elevators

Cost for 2016-2017

Oren Underground Year: $1520

Oren Underground Semester: $505

Luther Underground Year: $1400

Luther Underground Semester: $470

LHUG and OGUG permits are limited and will be sold on a first-come basis. Underground parking sales become available to students first. If there are still spaces available at the time of your registration, LHUG and/or OGUG will appear as options for the type of permit you are able to choose. PLEASE NOTE – The cost for a year underground permit INCLUDES SUMMER 2018. If you will not be parking on campus for the summer of 2017, you may buy your permit by the semester rather than the year option.