Day Student Parking

Commuters should see the Commuter Parking page.

Resident Permit Fall 2014

Registration Date and Time

SENIORS – Monday December 8th, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

JUNIORS – Tuesday December 9th, 2014 at 8:30am

SOPHOMORES –  Wednesday December 10th, 2014 at 8:30am

FIRST YEARS – Thursday December 11th, 2014 at 8:30am

ALL CLASS DESIGNATIONS – Friday December 12th, 2014 at 8:30am

**You will only be able to log in and register on the date listed above. If you miss your day, you will have to wait until the 12th to register for your permit**

  • Parking services user profileBefore your registration date you should log into Parking Services and check your profile’s designation to make sure it is what you expect. Your “User Type” determines what type of permit you can register for.
  • If you are listed as a “Commuter” but you are a “Resident” or vice-verse, please contact Cyndy Rowe at 612-330-1488 or via email at to change your user type.
  • If you are listed as a “Sophomore” but you are a “Junior”, or any other student status error, please contact the Registrar at 612-330-1036 or via email at


Cost of Permit

$180 per semester/$360 for the academic year (except for Luther Hall and Oren Gateway underground lots)

Resident permits are available to Day Students that live in on campus housing. Resident permits are valid in Lots B, E, F, and L, 24 hours a day.

Resident Parking Map (PDF)

You can pick up your permit from DPS dispatch in the Urn/Mort lobby. Please allow at least two business days for processing & bring a photo id.

Luther Hall & Oren Gateway Underground

Luther Hall Underground: $400/semester, $1200/year – INCLUDES SUMMER 2015.

Oren Gateway Underground: $440/semester, $1320/year – INCLUDES SUMMER 2015.

LHUG and OGUG permits are limited and will be sold on a first-come basis. Luther Hall and Oren Gateway Underground parking is an option for all resident students. If there are still spaces available at the time of your registration, LHUG and/or OGUG will appear as options for the type of permit you are able to choose. The registration process is the same as any other resident permit. PLEASE NOTE – The cost for a year underground permit INCLUDES SUMMER 2015. You are essentially paying for 3 semesters. If you will not be parking on campus for the summer of 2015, buy your permit by the semester rather than the year option.

Benefits of parking underground are: You will have a reserved space (no one else can use it), your parking area is protected by card access. The parking area is heated during the winter and cool in the summer, your space is never affected by snow removal, and you will have easy indoor access to the Luther Hall or Oren Gateway stairs and elevator (if you are a Luther Hall or Oren Gateway resident) for inclement weather and move-in/move-out.


Another option open to Resident students is a City Street permit, also called a Critical Parking Permit. This permit allows you to park on city streets surrounding Augsburg longer than the posted hourly limits. Critical Parking Permits cost $25, paid to the city of Minneapolis. City street permits are limited and will be sold on a first-come basis to campus residents.

Permits will be available online for registration at 8:30am on August 25th.

Minneapolis City street permits are available to campus residents who do not own a current Augsburg permit. Register online through Parking Services.  Payment will show up as $0.00.  Continue through the process.  After 2 business days you may pick-up a Proof of Residency Letter at the Public Safety counter in the Urness / Mortensen lobby.  You may then take the letter, payment, and a valid photo ID to the Public Service Center downtown to complete the purchase of the permit.

More information can be found on the City of Minneapolis website.

Interim Parking Permits

Interim parking permits are available to faculty, staff, and students who have a registered semester or yearly Augsburg permit, but are unable display their permit on a given day, for instance it was left in another vehicle or you are driving a rental while your car is in the shop. Students, faculty, and staff will receive three free interim permits per school year; after three, they must purchase a $5 temporary permit through the parking services website on Augnet.

Interim permits work just like the permit they are replacing, in the same lots. All interim permits are numbered and must be clearly visible/ unobstructed, with the number facing out the windshield of the vehicle. Improperly displayed permits are subject to ticketing.

If you have a registered semester or yearly permit and need a interim permit, simply stop by Public Safety with a photo ID to pick one up. Vehicles parked without a valid permit displayed are at risk for a $35 violation

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are available to faculty, staff, and students who only need a permit for a short period of time such a few days a semester or a single week during the year. Temporary permits cost $5 per day and are available for purchase only online through parking services. Temporary permits must be paid for by credit card online. Payroll deduction is not an option for faculty/staff purchasing this type of permit.

Temporary permits are numbered and must be clearly visible/ unobstructed, with the number facing out the windshield of the vehicle. Improperly displayed permits are subject to ticketing.

Temporary permits are to be used in the lots specified and printed on the permit. Commuter students purchasing a temporary permit will park in the commuter parking lots, resident students in resident lots and faculty/staff in faculty/staff parking lots.

How to log into parking services & register for a temporary permit:

1. Log into Inside Augsburg
2. Click “Parking Services”, found on the left side of the Inside Augsburg homepage toward the bottom of the gray sidebar
3. Input your contact information as prompted/under the “Profile” tab (person shaped icon)
4. Input your vehicle information as prompted/under the “Vehicles” tab (car shaped icon). Please note: do not input a dummy license plate number (123-ABC), you will not be able to go back and change it and it confuses the system
5. Click the P icon or “Parking” tab & click “I Agree”
6. Select “Daily/Temporary Permit”
7. For “Requested Lot” there should only be one option (Fac/Staff, Resident, etc.), so select that (same as your user type)
8. Select the dates you’ll need the permit for. Consecutive dates can be one permit (Sept 3rd – 5th) but non-consecutive dates will each need their own permit (Sept 3rd, 12th, & 16th)
9. For “Vehicle” select the vehicle you just input (the license will show up on the permit, so again it’s important to have accurate vehicle info)
10. Click “Confirm this Permit”, then click “Purchase this Permit”
11. Select payment type, input payment information, and click “Submit Payment Information”
12. Confirm your permit price & payment information, then click the “Confirm Payment Information” button
13. Click the “History” tab (H icon). Next to the permit number you should see a small printer icon. Click the printer icon to print your permit.
14. Display on your dashboard when parked on-campus in the appropriate lot. Make sure your permit is clearly visible and readable.