Commuter/Carpool Student Parking

Before your registration date you should log into Parking Services and check your profile’s designation to make sure it is what you expect. Your “User Type” determines what type of permit you can register for.

  • If you are listed as a “Commuter” but you are a “Resident” or vice-verse, please contact Whitney Wais at 612-330-1488 or via email at to change your user type.
  • If you are listed as a “Sophomore” but you are a “Junior”, or any other student status error, please contact the Registrar at 612-330-1036 or via email at

 Commuter Permit Fall 2015

Visit ‘Parking Sale Dates‘ to see when you are eligible to register for parking.

Get It:

Purchase your pass online at the Parking Services website. You can pick up your permit from DPS dispatch in the Urn/Mort lobby. Please allow at least two business days for processing & bring a photo ID. Permits will not be mailed out to students, nor will they be handed to someone else on the students’ behalf.


Contract Features:

  • Available to all commuter students
  • 24/7 parking in Street “lot” C, Lot D, K, and L (Commuter Parking Map (PDF))


$170 per semester/$340 per academic year

Please Note: Day student permits are limited and will be sold on a first-come basis. Commuter permits are available to Day Students who live off campus. These permits DO NOT include Summer 2016 – summer permits must be purchased separately.


Permit prices: Will vary based on type of members in the group – cost of one permit ($170 semester/$340 academic year) is split by total number of group members.

Carpool group permits are very limited and will be sold on a first-come basis.

Commuter students, faculty, and staff have the option of purchasing a carpool permit. Any group (of two or more people) who agrees to have only one of their vehicles on campus at a time may opt for a carpool permit. That group will be assigned one permit to share, and will have a spot reserved for their group in Lot G.

To request a carpool permit, please contact Once an e–mail is received, the sender will receive an e–mail response and permit instructions within 2 business days.

The benefits of registering for a carpool parking permit are: You will have a reserved space (no one else can use it), it costs less than buying your own permit, you will not have to drive yourself to work every day, and you are benefiting the environment.