Summer Parking FAQ’s

Do I need to buy a summer permit?

YES, ALL AUGSBURG PARKING SPACES ARE NOW MONITORED AND TICKETED ALL 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR. Any year-long permit purchased during the 2014-2015 academic year is valid during the summer of 2015. If you had purchased a semester only permit you will need to purchase a summer permit in order to park in any Augsburg parking space this summer. You can always check the valid dates on the front of your permit to verify if it is current/valid.

Summer parking permits: Basics

What? – Summer of 2015, May through August, an Augsburg permit will be required to park in Augsburg lots.

Who? – All Augsburg students, faculty and staff

Where? – Summer permits are valid in all  Augsburg surface lots. Permits are not valid for those parking in fire lanes, meters, or handicap spots & other reserved spaces, and we will continue ticketing cars parked in those spots.

When? – May – August of 2015 an Augsburg permit will be required. Summer permits go on sale Monday April 13th 2015 at 8:30am .

How? – Log in to Augnet, click on “Parking Services” (under Community), enter your contact information and vehicle information, click “Parking”, click “Standard Parking Permit”, click “SUMMER PERMIT”, and select method of payment.

Do I still need a visitor pass to park in Lot A?

Since we’re enforcing parking permit requirements, yes, if you are parking on campus you will need a permit. Visitors can still get parking permits for free, for up to three days, one of two ways. Email at least two business days before you’ll be here with the date/time of your visit, and where you’ll be on campus so we can put you in a lot convenient to that location (pending availability). Or stop by dispatch in the Urn/Mort lobby, with the person you’re visiting, be prepared to provide ID, and a dispatcher will make a visitor permit for you at the window. Since we have a smaller volume of cars, other Augsburg lots will be available to you, not just lot A. Of course, you can park in Lot A like usual.

I’m a WEC student, do I still have to park in Lot L if I’m on campus on weekdays before 4:30pm?

No, time restrictions are no longer valid during the summer. With so many fewer cars on campus, valid WEC permit holders are free park in any Augsburg surface lot at anytime.

I purchased a spring only OGC underground permit, can I use that permit to park in the Anderson/Luther lot this summer?

No,  semester only underground lot permits are only valid during the semester they were purchased for. To park in any surface lot for the summer you will need to display a summer or 2014-2015 year-long permit.

If I purchased a fall permit but lost it, do I have to pay for a summer permit?

Yes, The fall only permit expired in January, so it is no longer valid in any Augsburg parking space. In order to avoid ticketing this summer you will need to display a valid summer or 2014-2015 year-long permit.

Can I use my Fac/Staff permit in Lot B behind Mort this summer?

Yes, but only if it is a valid year-long permit. Semester only permits have expiration dates that end prior to the start of summer. Likewise, any year-long permit purchased during academic year 2014-2015 will be good in any Augsburg surface lot for the summer of 2015. HOWEVER, we will be enforcing lot designations again in the fall (fac/staff permits are only good in lots D, G, J, & L) so we strongly encourage you to park in your designated lots when you can to keep up good parking habits.

Do I need to buy a summer permit to park on 8th street?

Yes, 8th street is an Augsburg street that we patrol for permits, so if you are parking on 8th street during the summer you will need an Augsburg parking permit. This map designates which streets are Augsburg owned streets:

Where do I pick up my permit after I’ve ordered and paid for it?

Permits will be available for pick up from DPS dispatch in the Urn/Mort lobby. Urness & Mortensen halls are the two tall towers on 21st avenue and 8th street, near the barrier for I-94. Pull into the parking lot either in front of or behind Urn/Mort, park in the ten-minute zone underneath the lobby, and head up the stairs.

Please allow at least 2 business days after purchase for processing before coming to pick up your permit. You must have a valid photo id in order to pick up your permit. Any questions: email