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Request a Key or Fob

Request Access – Academic Keys

Fill out the Access Request Form

Academic Key requests should be completed by Department Directors or Chairs.

If you are unsure who this is in your area, please view our listings of authorizing directors and chairs. You must include the room number(s) you are requesting a key for in your request form.

Please note – key requests must be filled out individually. One form should be used for ONLY one person and one area. One person who wants multiple keys must submit one form for each key.


Request Access – Residential Keys

Keys for dorm rooms (Urness, Mortenson, Anderson, Luther, Oren Gateway) are handled by Residence Life.

Request Access – Fobs

Fill out the Access Request Form

More information about fobs including a schedule for campus buildings & map of fob accessible doors can be found on our Fob Access page.

The first fob issued is free to Augsburg Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni. Fob replacements are $35.

Fobs for all Augsburg Community members includes access to these areas:

  • 24 hour Urness/Mortenson lobby (for access to Public Safety Dispatch)
  • Academic building exteriors when the building is locked but not closed (hours listed below)
  • Kennedy and Melby Fitness Centers (according to open hours set by athletics)

All other access must be requested by either the individual requiring it, or in some cases by the head of the department or another party. This includes access to:

  • Residence Halls

  • Locker/Team rooms

  • Office suites

  • Academic buildings after/before hours (faculty/staff office access)

A group of people needing fob access to a specific area (ex. Honors students need access to the Honors Suite, baseball team members need access to the baseball locker room, etc.) are to be submitted by the affiliated faculty or staff member (Honors desk employee, coach, etc.) Clearance lists and updates should be submitted as an Excel Spreadsheet to The spreadsheet should include first and last names and id numbers for those who require the access clearance.

To request a fob, a replacement fob, or fob clearance, submit the following Access Request Form. Make sure you select and fill out all the proper fields.

Fill out the Access Request Form.

**Please note** Picking up a key or a fob requires a photo id and a signature. Keys and fobs may ONLY be picked up by the person they were made for, and that person MUST provide a signature. If you are requesting keys or fobs for temporary employees, adjunct faculty members , consultants, or other individuals who may not be familiar with Augsburg Campus or Department of Public Safety policy, it is your responsibility to communicate their responsibilities as a keyholder to them. This including that they must pick it up themselves and be prepared to show id and sign. Dispatch is staffed and open for business 24/7, so no exceptions will be made on this policy.

Upon receipt of the key(s), the employee agrees to the following:

I agree to immediately report the loss of this key to the Department of Public Safety, and understand that this key is not to be wrongfully used or duplicated. I understand that Augsburg University reserves the right to assess fees to my department or company for any re-keying costs if this key is lost or not returned. By accepting this key, I acknowledge my responsibility for all property and/or records secured by the lock operated by this key. I will not transfer this key to any other person and will surrender it to DPS when I end my employment with Augsburg University or move to another campus location. I acknowledge that no key will be issued without photo identification.