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What You Need To File A Report

What You Need to File a Report

Before making a report, please make certain to insure your own safety prior to contacting DPS to file an incident report.  Please gather as much information as you can regarding the incident prior to filing a report.  The following are examples of information that you can gather that will assist in filing a complete incident report:

  • Your contact information (Full Name, Date of Birth, Permanent Address, Contact Number, etc).
  • Information regarding anyone else involved (Names, Physical Descriptions, etc).
  • Date of the incident.
  • Time of the incident (Approximate Start and End Time).
  • Your statement of what occurred.
  • Information regarding stolen or damaged property (Make, Model, Serial Number, Identifying Information, Damage to the Property, etc).

The officer may take photos if it is applicable to the report.  These photos may be of property, environmental considerations, or individuals that will be added to the incident report.  Please feel free to provide your own photos to be added to the incident report if you wish.