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Victims’ Rights

Federal and Minnesota law provide rights for victims of sexual assault including:

  • The option to contact, or not to contact, law enforcement and to have Augsburg assist you in contacting law enforcement
  • An investigation and resolution of a sexual assault  incident by Augsburg.
  • The right to participate in, and have an attorney or other support person, present in any disciplinary proceeding
  • The right to be informed of the outcome of any Augsburg disciplinary proceeding
  • Complete and prompt assistance of Augsburg, at the direction of law enforcement, in obtaining, securing and maintaining evidence in connection with a sexual assault incident
  • The assistance of Augsburg in preserving for a sexual assault complainant or victim any materials relevant to an Augsburg disciplinary proceeding.
  • The assistance of Augsburg, in cooperation with law enforcement, in shielding you from unwanted contact with the alleged assailant including your transfer to alternative classes or alternative college-owned housing, if such alternatives are available and feasible, regardless of whether the victim wishes to report the incident to police.