Student Positions

DPS is frequently hiring students for two positions: Student Dispatcher & Student Patrol. See Employment Listings via Human Resources for details about the position and to submit an application.  These positions require a high level of responsibility and personal drive. A position with DPS provides our student workers with valuable skills and training that will enrich their lives and enhance their resumes.

Student Dispatcher

Dispatchers work between 10 – 20 hours a week, including weekends and overnights. Dispatchers staff the Dispatch Center in the Urness/Mortensen lobby, providing customer service and answering the emergency and non-emergency phone lines.

Student Patrol

Patrols work between 10 – 20 hours a week during evenings and weekends. Patrols are in the field providing escorts, conducting building locks/unlocks, and assisting Officers as needed. Applicants must have a valid drivers’ license and a good driving record.