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Workshop Tuition

Workshop tuition is $725 which includes workshop instruction by a College Board-endorsed consultant, all College Board instructional materials, lunch in the dining hall, a snack each day, and parking. The Studio Art workshop has an additional $50 materials fee ($775 total).

Payment in full for workshop participants is due by June 15, 2019.

Minnesota Teacher Scholarships

Minnesota teachers who are teaching or plan to teach an AP* course are eligible for a scholarship from the state. This year, the Minnesota Department of Education expects to reimburse school districts at least $500 for tuition and an additional $100 for room and board for each teacher attending an Advanced Placement* Summer Institute. Depending upon the total number of enrollments for this summer, MDE may be able to reimburse school districts up to the full cost of the Institute; unfortunately, that decision will not be made until after all summer institutes have closed.

Scholarship Application

Please Note: Scholarship applications must be sent directly to the MN Department of Education and not to Augsburg University. Augsburg cannot accept responsibility for forwarding applications if received.


Lodging is not included in the tuition.

Graduate Credit

AP* Summer Institute participants have the option to earn one (1) graduate credit at no additional cost. All participants must complete the “Continuing Education Registration” form that will be distributed upon check-in.

For those participants who choose to pursue graduate credit, graduate credit will be granted on a 4-point scale to participants who both participate full-time in their respective workshop AND complete a final project as determined and graded by the workshop consultant.

Participants who do not choose to pursue graduate credit, and who complete all workshop requirements will receive a certificate of attendance documenting 30 hours instruction. Registration for the AP* Summer Institute implies agreement to attend all class sessions for the entire meeting time. For participants unable to attend all contact hours, a letter will be prepared that verifies the number of hours attended in lieu of the official certificate.