Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we accept Purchase Orders (POs)?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders (PO). Anyone registering after May 22, 2015 who intends to use a PO must supply a PO number and information for contact person in your district’s business department.

2. When will packets be mailed out?

We do not mail any materials. Materials, such as a welcome letter from instructor and workshop syllabus, will be made available online as soon as received from the workshop consultant. It is the responsibility of the participant to download and print these materials.

3. How do I know if I need to purchase any books?

Workshop consultants will include information about assigned texts in his or her welcome letter. It is the responsibility of each participant to purchase the materials prior to arriving at the Institute.

4. What are classroom amenities like?

Instructions on how to access the College wireless will be provided to registrants upon check-in. NOTE: workshops are held in classrooms which means that electrical outlets are limited. It is best to bring fully-charged laptops/smart devices.

5. Is there air conditioning?

Yes, classrooms are air-conditioned and some can become quite cool, so bring a sweater or light jacket.

6. What food and beverages are included in tuition?

Participants will be assigned a time for lunch each day, approximately 30 minutes. Lunch is served in the student dining hall referred to as “The Commons.” Lunch includes beverages such as water or Pepsi products. The College food vendor make at least one gluten-free option available each day. Going through the Commons offers the greatest array of choice for the best value. AP* Summer Institute is just one of the events that will be occurring on-campus during June so participants should expect to be sharing the space with other people who can range in age from elementary-aged school children to adults. AP* participants will be able to sit at reserved seating.

Coffee (regular) will be made available upon check-in and will remain out, although is often gone by afternoon. Water is refreshed throughout the day. A light snack usually consisting of breakfast bars and fresh fruit like bananas and apples will be put out mid-morning, and afternoon snacks usually consisting of fruit snacks and or small wrapped candies are put out mid-afternoon. Should a participant wish snacks or additional beverages during the day, they can be brought from home or purchased from vending machines. The vending machines accept cash or credit cards.

7. Is there a lactation room available?

Yes, there are private lactation lounges located in Christensen Center which is adjacent to Old Main where AP* workshops take place.