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Calculus AB

Offered June 18-21, 2018

For new and experienced AP teachers

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Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize participants with the curriculum and course objectives of the Advanced Placement AB Calculus course, and to prepare them to provide their students with materials and methods that will lead to success in the ap examination. Participants will be given an overall understanding of the important concepts of calculus.  In addition they will be provided with methods and applications, using a multi-representational approach, to help them become more proficient in their own classrooms.  A variety of problems will be assigned that produce interesting solutions to help the student consider solutions “outside the box.”  The AP test will be investigated, specifically pointing out the particular things that every teacher should emphasize to their own students.

All participants will be expected to do a prescribed set of homework problems on a daily basis.  (There will be opportunity to receive help from the instructor and other participants on a daily basis, also.)

Workshop Preparation

Graphing calculators will be used extensively in the solutions of problems, participants should bring their own, if possible.  Instruction will be given using the Texas Instruments TI-84  and TI-89 model calculators.


Consultant Fred Almer