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Computer Science

OFFERED JUNE 18-21, 2018

Course Description:

Consultant Dave Musicant

This workshop is designed to help prepare computer science teachers on the content and ideas in the AP Computer Science A exam. We will focus on the content of the AP curriculum, including object-oriented programming, Java, sorting, searching, recursion, and more. The goal is to bring teachers together so that they can come up to speed, expand their knowledge, and/or trade teaching techniques.

Participants must have previous experience programming in a fully-featured programming language (examples include C, C++, Visual Basic, Python, Racket/Scheme, Java, etc.) but no knowledge of the AP* curriculum or Java in particular is assumed or expected.

Course Syllabus 

Consultant Bio:

Dave Musicant is a professor of computer science at Carleton College. Originally from Long Island, New York, Dave completed his undergraduate work at Michigan State University and his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He teaches a variety of courses at Carleton; in addition to introductory level courses, he also regularly teaches Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Programming Languages, and Data Mining. Dave’s research interests are in machine learning and data mining, with a specific interest in studying online collaborative systems such as Wikipedia.