English Language & Comp

Offered June 22-25, 2015

For new and experienced AP teachers

Syllabus for 2015 will be posted as soon as available.

Course Description

This four day course is designed to benefit both the new and experienced AP* English Language and Composition teacher. Over the course of the workshop participants identify the skills assessed by the College Board on the AP English Language and Composition exam; discussing and crafting a variety of classroom approaches to strengthen those skills. Through the use of varied texts, including fiction, participants design lessons, have discussions, and create conceptual outlines for units and course plans. Through collaboration with other participants you will collect and create resources to implement in the year to come. During the week you will review the design of comprehensive course outlines, discuss recent and past AP exams, read and analyze nonfiction and fiction focusing on rhetorical approach, and work to create assessments that scaffold toward mastery of the skills assesses by state and AP measures.

Consultant: Greg Jones

Greg Jones has taught for eighteen years at the high school level. He teaches both AP English Language and AP English Literature courses while coaching competitive speech/forensics. He is a College Board consultant and worked on the creation of the College Board workshop “A Day With an AP Reader.” He has served as a reader and a table leader each year for more than a decade on the AP English Language exam. Greg has a Doctor of Law degree (J.D.) and that coursework informs his work with rhetoric and argumentation. He has also served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, instructing courses in literature and observing pre-service teachers in various content areas. In his district he coordinates teacher development and has led the creation of their comprehensive teacher development and evaluation program which includes peer coaching and mentorship. He has also served as the district English/Language Arts curriculum specialist.