English Literature & Comp

Offered June 22-25, 2015

Robert Staggenborg, ELIT

Robert Staggenborg, ELIT

For new and experienced AP teachers

Download 2015 syllabus

Workshop will run from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. each day

Texts to Review: Hamlet and Wuthering Heights (teachers should reread before workshop, most likely will benefit from bringing with you to workshop).

Poetry, Review prior to workshop: Alexander Pope’s “Rape of the Lock”, Keats 3 major Odes (“To a Nightingale”, “On a Grecian Urn”, and “ To Autumn”), and Eliot’s “Prufrock”

Course Description

This four day course will benefit  both the new and experienced AP English Literature and Composition teacher. It aims to enrich  each instructor’s repertoire of lesson planning strategies, thereby refreshing and improving  AP pedagogy. Heavily reliant upon best practices developed by the National Math and Science Initiative, the first day will start with a proven foundational  approach to helping all students handle in a clear methodological fashion  every aspect of the national AP English Literature exam. The second day will feature high interest strategies for teaching students interpretation and analysis of genre, particularly poetry, at an advanced level. The third day will introduce ways of enhancing student reading and writing through implementation of complex  critical lenses. It will also demonstrate ways to plan entire units based  on some of the works most often taught  in the AP classroom: Hamlet, Wuthering Heights  and the poetry of Alexander Pope,  the Romantics, and T. S. Eliot. A hands on, interactive approach will allow much sharing with one’s colleagues. Together participants  will collect and create resources to add even more verve to AP English learning in the year to come.

Consultant: Dr. Robert Staggenborg

Robert “Gerry” Staggenborg has earned a Ph.D. with a concentration in dramatic literature and literary theory. As a Consultant for the College Board, he has conducted national institutes, graduate student seminars and teacher workshops for over a decade. He has scored the national AP English Literature exam for ten years,  supervised the College Board’s initial set up of its audit system in English Literature, and helped write their publication which  defines what  AP English course should be and which  contains several exemplary syllabi. Representing the National Math and Science Institute, he travels around the Midwest (under the auspices of Notre Dame University) readying  high school students to take AP English exams and mentoring  their teachers in the best practices for helping their students achieve to their fullest potential. He has taught AP English literature himself for 26 years.

Currently teaching for New Berlin Eisenhower High School, Gerry has taught at urban, private, high ranking suburban, and rural small town schools as well as continuing a career in higher education. As a recipient of a Fulbright, he has also taught abroad at Kings College, University of London and Central School for Speech and Drama.