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Human Geography

Offered June 18-21, 2018

For new and experienced AP teachers

Course Description

The summer institute has three major objectives.  The first is to enhance the participants’ understanding of the course content by reviewing the key topics and models in AP Human Geography.  We will talk particularly about the concepts that students often find difficult to grasp.  The bulk of the time will be devoted to discussing a wide range of tried-and-true activities and resources that teachers can use in their own classroom.  Several of those activities will illustrate the use of technology such as Google Maps, online databases and GIS.  The third objective is to go over the AP exam and exam preparation, including tips for students to use in answering both multiple choice and free response questions.  The summer institute will be hands-on, practical and interactive, so please bring your laptop computers.  Teachers are also encouraged to share their ideas and teaching strategies with their peers.


Consultant: Max Lu
Consultant: Max Lu

Consultant: Max Lu

I started AP Human Geography reading in Clemson, South Carolina in 2003, the third year after the course was created.  Since then I have gone to the reading every year except for one.  From 2007 to 2015, I served on the Test Development Committee, first as a member then as co-chair.  In addition to being a College Board-certified consultant, I am also a senior reviewer for CB’s AP course auditing.  I have taught AP Human Geography workshops and summer institutes around the country since 2007.  My “day job” is a geography professor at Kansas State University where I have been since 1996.  An interesting fact about my life as a geographer is in the last 30 plus years, I have lived at about 40°N in latitude: 6 years in Beijing, 6 years in Bloomington, Indiana doing my doctoral work, and then Manhattan, Kansas!