Studio Arts

29 spaces available (2/24/15)

Offered June 15-18, 2015

For new and experienced AP teachers

Syllabus for 2015 will be posted as soon as available

Course Description

Will be posted as soon as available

Consultant: Debra Fitzsimmons

Debra began teaching as a shared K-12 art teacher in rural southern Illinois and concluded her public school career with 20 years at a Chicago area suburban high school. For over a decade she has had the great pleasure to work as an independent consultant for the College Board’s AP™ Professional Development Program. Currently she teaches EDUC 312: Integrating the Arts into the Learning Process, EDUC 422: K-12 Curriculum and Instructional Design-Visual Arts, edTPAK: K-12 Visual Art Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, and EDUC 522: K-12 C & I Design – MAT at Lake Forest College. Debra is also an independent consultant for K-12 arts and arts integrative programs.

Debra’s ART WORK results from contemporary social influences. Her goal is to disclose the influences of governmental and private policies on individuals and social environments. The media is often a combination of classical oil, oil stains, and cold wax with collaged relative materials. The intent of this media combination is to tie the here and now of issues to an eternal context.