Pre-Primary Endorsement

The Preprimary endorsement is added to an Elementary Teaching license in Minnesota and prepares teachers to effectively teach children who are 3, 4, and 5 years old.  This license is required to be teachers for young children.  Augsburg provides this endorsement for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Program Background

Augsburg College offered an Early Childhood license sometime before 1985.  The decision to drop this offering was based upon concern for our students who were then Early Childhood Teachers, earning a salary that is not enough to support that teacher, and especially with student loans that are due after graduation.

Currently, the society’s focus has turned to the importance of the optimal learning time during the prekindergarten years.  Children who come to kindergarten without previous school experiences, and without adults who have talked with them, read to them, provided rich experiences, cannot successfully learn with children who have had those opportunities.  Focusing our efforts on providing those experiences has led to the formation of community groups such as Ready4K (Ready for Kindergarten) in Minnesota.  These groups have promoted public policies and system reform that support the need for learning opportunities and knowledgeable teachers for young children.

A team of three Augsburg faculty began planning the requirements for this endorsement, and preparing the materials for the Minnesota Board of Teaching approval process.  The Preprimary endorsement officially began in the fall of 2008.

A cohort group of graduate students, undergraduates in both the DAY and the weekend/Augsburg for Adults program were the pioneers with three faculty co-teachers.


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