Echo Student Newspaper

Augsburg Echo

Originally published as The Ekko, the Norwegian language student paper of Augsburg Seminary, the predecessor of Augsburg College, The Echo is produced weekly to provide a forum to students, staff and faculty. Back issues of the paper can be found in Lindell Library (see a reference librarian) and online (the electronic database currently extends into the 1960s, though plans call for it to ultimately contain the full run of papers dating back to 1898).

Current copies of The Echo are available on campus and through the Echo’s website.

Listed below are the indexes for The Echo. These are Adobe Acrobat files, which are freely accessible with Acrobat Reader. You may need to rotate the view in order to read these indexes on the screen by choosing “Rotate Pages” under the Document menu or choosing the “Rotate Pages” tool at the top of the window.

Back issues of The Echo are also available in Lindell Library. Talk to a Reference Librarian in order to get access to them.


1974-1980 Subjects A-D
1974-1980 Subjects E-G
1974-1980 Subjects H-M
1974-1980 Subjects N-R
1974-1980 Subjects S-Z
1974-1980 Authors A-G
1974-1980 Authors H-P
1974-1980 Authors Q-Z


1980-1984 Subjects A-D
1980-1984 Subjects E-L
1980-1984 Subjects M-Z
1980-1984 Authors A-L
1980-1984 Authors M-Z


1984-1988 Subjects A-B
1984-1988 Subjects C-D
1984-1988 Subjects E-F
1984-1988 Subjects G-K
1984-1988 Subjects L-O
1984-1988 Subjects P-R
1984-1988 Subjects S-U
1984-1988 Subjects V-Z
1984-1988 Authors A-K
1984-1988 Authors L-P
1984-1988 Authors Q-Z


1993-1995 Subjects A-K
1993-1995 Subjects L-Z
1993-1995 Authors A-Z