Augsburg I.D. Cards

idcard_frontYour ID card identifies you as an official member of the Augsburg College community

Beginning July 1st, ID cards will be available exclusively at the library.

You will want to exercise care and caution with your ID card, as your e-mail address and ID number are included on it. Carry your ID card with you at all times. As stated on the back, “You must produce this card upon demand for identification.”

Care of the Card

idcard_backPlease protect your card from damage or wear by placing it in your wallet. Do not punch holes in the card as doing so may render it invalid. Identification cards shall not be defaced or modified in any way. The use of stickers, pins, or other items affixed to the ID card is prohibited. Protect the magnetically encoded information by keeping the card away from magnetic fields such as those generated by television sets, stereo speakers, bulk tape erasers, radio transmitters, personal computers, etc. These could erase the information encoded on the card.

Proper Use of the Card

Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery of a campus identification card constitutes a violation of College policy and may result in disciplinary action to be determined by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. In addition, fraudulent or illegal use of the campus identification card may result in criminal charges and/or civil proceedings.

Card Services

Your Augsburg ID card is your access to:

  • Library Services: You can use your ID card in the James G. Lindell Library to check out books, laptop computers, digital cameras, and other materials.
  • Dining Services: The magnetic strip on the back of your ID card is used to track meals and/or points used on your meal plan.
  • Discounted Events: Your Augsburg ID will also provide discounted prices to on- and off-campus events. This includes Augsburg sporting events, theatre productions, museum exhibits, and various other events around the Twin Cities.