Beth Alexander

Associate Professor, Academic Coordinator

Northwestern Hall 320A
CB 149

Beth Alexander is a Doctor of Pharmacy and feels she helps broaden the students’ perspective on medicine. “The health care process is really a team effort involving more than the PA and the patient.  In my position, I feel I am able to bring a different perspective to both the students and the faculty.”

Beth has been interested in teaching since grade school.  Before she began teaching at Augsburg in 2000 she worked at a clinic where part of her job was to educate medical providers about new medications and how to prescribe rationally, choosing the best drug for the patient.  “Although I enjoy working with individual patients in a clinic setting, I believe I can positively affect the medical care of more patients through educating medical providers.”

“The Augsburg PA program has high standards and a strong faculty and staff team that works to continually improve the program.  Our diverse faculty is one of our strengths, providing a well-rounded education for our students.  We also have excellent students who make teaching fun.”

Beth coordinates the Academic Phase of the program and teaches the Pharmacotherapy course sequence.  In addition, she teaches selected topics in clinical medicine including women’s medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, and mental health.  “In this program the goal is excellent patient care, not an “A” on an exam.  I try to help students see the bigger picture and apply concepts to patient care.”