Anita L Fisher


Department of Languages & Cross-Cultural Studies

Spanish is everywhere! You don’t have to be in West St. Paul or on vacation in Mazatlan to use Spanish.

In teaching beginning and intermediate Spanish courses at Augsburg, I encourage students to learn the language of our largest immigrant group in the United States and to become aware of its presence. Whether it’s an option on the opening screen of an ATM, translated on every store sign at your local grocery store, or the “Para Español, marque numero uno” phone message for most major corporations–it surrounds us.

Funny teaching morment: I was trying to teach a rather difficult grammatical concept as several large hornets circled the classroom. It was rather comical watching students intensely following the path of the intruders, while politely trying to maintain attention. The comedy stopped when one dove in on me.

I conduct research in immigration reform, the Latino presence in Twin Cities, and the Latino influence in politics, particularly in the presidential election process.

Off- campus I’m a dog agility enthusiast! Agility is the awesome sport where dogs follow a handler’s cues and go through tunnels, up A-frames, over teeter-totters and jumps with breakneck speed and “agility.” After Spanish, it’s the second passion in my life. I train and compete with my Jack Russell Terrier, Gracie, in regional competitions. We have numerous titles and dream of going to the AKC national show some year!


  • B.A. University of Montana
  • M.A. University of Montana


Anita L Fisher

CB 181